Duke Energy Helping Home Fund




Duke Energy’s helping Home Fund is very simular to our weatherization program, difference being we are able to do much more with the homes.  Duke Eenergy is working with BROC to provide (at no cost), weatherization assistance, HVAC and appliance replacement as well has Health and Safety measures to qualifying (low-income) Duke Energy customers.  These services will be provided to homeowners as well as those who rent.  Those who are renting are required to have a landlord agreement signed and a monetary contribution given.  Proof of income and Duke Energy billing/usage history are required at the time of application.  Homeowners are required to provide a copy of their deed, and landlords are required to sign two statements agreeing that the work can be completed.

What is the cost?

Our customers do not have to pay for either the experienced labor or the high quality materials we use in these progrms.

It is the required landlords with income above the federal poverty guidelines to pay a minimum of $275.00.  The fee allows us to provide services to additional customers who live on limited income.

How to Apply:

Call Jim Absher, Weatherization Coordinator at (336) 667-7174  at our mail Wilkes Office - Monday thru Friday 08:30am - 5:00pm.

Ashe County - you may call Stacey Howell at (336) 484-4543

Alleghany County you may call (336) 372-7284.


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