Parent of the Year 2012-2013

Congratulations to Melissa Intoppa BROC Head Start Parent of the Year 2012-2013


For the past two years Melissa has been a parent volunteer at the Sizemore Head Start center in Ashe County. For this current year alone, Melissa has volunteered 247.25 hours. Melissa is a volunteer that is willing to assist the program in whatever is requested and is very dependable person. She is a huge asset to the BROC Head Start Program.

Melissa serves on the following BROC Head Start Program Governance committees. These committees share responsibility for overseeing the delivery of high quality services to children and families. There is no pay for being on any of these committees. It is all volunteer time. Melissa also travels to different counties (Ashe, Alleghany & Wilkes) to attend these meetings.

  • Parent Representative for the BROC Board
  • Member and Secretary for the Head Start Policy Council with participates in policy making or in other decisions about the Head Start program.
  • Member on the Personnel Committee
  • Member on the Volunteer Committee
  • Chairperson representing the Sizemore Head Start Parent Committee
  • On March 13 through March 15, 2013, Melissa attended the 43rd Annual NC Head Start Association Training Conference in Raleigh, N.C. On Thursday, March 14, Melissa represented the BROC Head Start program at the “Parent of the Year” awards ceremony.



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