Parent of the Year 08-09

Amanda Lewis is a parent at Sizemore Head Start in Ashe County. Amanda is the 2008-09 Parent of the Year for the BROC Head Start Program. She won this honor by volunteering many hours for the program. Ms. Lewis has made an enormous difference in the day-to-day operations by volunteering at the Sizemore Head Start center, and with the program, in general.

The following is a statement made by Ms. Lewis regarding her opportunity and experience while volunteering for the Head Start program.

When asked how Head Start has been a benefit to her, Ms. Lewis responded “I feel Head Start has helped me by making me a part of my daughter’s education. Head Start has always included me in the decisions that directly affect my daughter and her school. I really feel that I always know what is going on in her school life. Head Start has not only helped me set goals for her future, but also my own. The Head Start staff is always involved with the school, the children and the parents. I feel being on Policy Council and other communities has prepared me for the P.T.A. and how things will be at her “Big Girl” school.

Ms. Lewis was asked how she has been a benefit to Head Start. Her response was “I am not sure I have made a huge difference to Head Start but feel that they know I am always available to them. I hope I have been able to help them. I try to encourage other parents to become a part of Head Start. I have volunteered to be on Policy Council and other committees as a parent member (although I feel I am the one who benefits from this) when they need it.”
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