The Services of the Weatherization Assistance Program may reduce home energy costs by improving the energy efficiency of homes by 30%, making  homes  more energy efficient, healthy and comfortable.

BROC Weatherization Assistance Program is Designed to weatherize homes of low-income persons in our service area of Alleghany, Ashe and Wilkes Counties to help improve their health, safety and reduce the energy consumption on their homes.

Through our weatherization Assistance Program, trained technicians evaluate the needs of each home by conducting an energy audit.  Then we determine the best approach to improve efficiency methods that are the most appropriate and cost-effective for your home, making it warm in the winter and cool in the summer and safe all year long.

Weatherization measures may include :

  • Weather-stripping
  • Sealing major air leaks Installing insulation in attics, walls floors, heat ducts, water heaters and pipes
  • Improving health and safety conditions by addressing carbon monoxide levels and combustion safety
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Blower Door Testing of home
  • Replacing old energy-consuming regrigerators

Who is Eligible to receive Weatherization Assistance?

Eligibility for service is based currently on up to 200% of the U.S. DHHS Poverty Guidelines.

NOTE: We are required to conduct carbon monoxide testing to help promote a safe living environment.



BROC provides at no cost  to qualifying  residents (elderly, handicapped, or low-income) in Alleghany, Ashe and Wilkes counties.  The service will be provided to homeowners as well as those who rent. However, for renter’s a landlord agreement must be signed.  Also, a small contribution is required from the landlord. Priority is given to the needs of the elderly and disabled. Proof of income is required.  Homeowners must provide a copy of their deed or landlords must provide two signed statements agreeing that the work can be completed.

HARRP (Heating Appliance Repair and Replacement Program).

BROC Weatherization shall perform energy conservation measures, including evaluations, tune-ups and repairs/replacement of heating systems for income eligible clients in Alleghany, Ashe and Wilkes counties.  All participants must also be served under our Weatherization progam to qualify.

For more information, call Jim Absher, Weatherization Coordinator at (336) 667-7174, at our main Wilkes Office, Monday thru Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

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