Board of Directors



The agency is governed by a 24 tri-partite Board of Directors from Alleghany, Ashe and Wilkes Counties, composed of concerned volunteers, is the decision-making body with authority and responsibility for all BROC activities. The board structure consists of one third of elected public officials or their representatives, one-third representatives of the low-income community, and appointed representatives from the private sector.  One member of the Board of Directors represents the Head Start Policy Council and one member from the Head Start Policy Council sits on the Board of Directors to represent parents.

 This unique tri-partite board structure is fundamental to the Community concept. It empowers low-income people to participate directly in the development of response to poverty conditions. At the same time private and public representative gain a clearer knowledge of the issues confronting low-income people in their community. These members offer their unique expertise to the policy making and business planning of the Community Action Agency.



Chairperson: Mr. Mike Testerman              mike

Vice Chairperson: Mr. James Parsons.    James

Secretary: Ms. Paula Perry.                         Paula2

Treasurer: Mr.Joseph Kilby.                       Joseph

Assist. Treasurer: Mr. Brian Minton..       Brian Minton

 Members of the BROC Board of Directors are legally, financially and morally responsible for the oversight of the agency by approving all budgets setting goals and policies, and actively serve on committees, fundraising, community relationships, approval of all major financial expenditures, approve personnel policies and procedures.